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Scottish Country Dancers of Richmond



Not where you wanted to be?  Go to the Richmond Scottish Country Dancers’ web site.


This site is currently under reconstruction!

Please forgive any inactive links.  The primary goals of the current update are:

·        To provide access to up-to-date instructions, cheats and sheet music for a complete list of the dances I have written, either alone or in collaboration with Stella Fogg.

·        To align all dance descriptions with RSCDS Standard Terminology.

·        To provide links to descriptions of the new (or lesser-known) formations used.



New Scottish Country Dances

devised in Richmond VA

by Moira Turner or by Stella Fogg & Moira Turner


New Formations

introduced in the dances above


New Tunes

for most of these dances



Want More Information?
For more information email
Moira Turner or call 804-647-2164






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